I've Got Your Number

titleKinsella, Sophie. I've Got Your Number. 2012.(Fiction Kinse.S)

At first I thought this book would fall flat, but Kinsella builds on the goofy premise of Poppy Wyatt losing her heirloom engagement ring in a hotel fire drill and then her cell is stolen. Luckily, she finds someone else's phone in the trash or "bin." She cites "Finder's Keeper's" and convinces Sam Roxton, the owner of her new cellphone, to share it with her for a short time so she can be called about her ring. Of course, she snoops on his messages (some from a former girlfriend) while using his phone and one thing leads to another. This may be one of the first novels to conduct most of the action and dialogue via texts! As Poppy's wedding to a handsome member of an academic family looms near, she and Sam really start to care for each other. Don't expect a simple, quiet solution to Poppy's dilemma, and the LOL moments toward the end testify to that! Breezy, good fun and Poppy discovers the joy of being genuinely appreciated.


Shira S., Reader's Services

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